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BeerSteward.com is For Sale

Like a Wine Steward, a Beer Steward is one who has a vast knowledge of beer. There are actual certification programs and training for beer stewards. BeerSteward.com is a great investment with serious potential. Do your research, then come back to make an offer on BeerSteward.com.

Comparable Sales for BeerSteward.com - Sales Data Provided by NameBio.com
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beercollege.com3,188 USD2010-11-03Afternic
winetastingguide.com1,650 USD2015-03-18Flippa
wineconsulting.com1,710 USD2015-02-14NameJet
wineinstitute.com2,199 USD2014-12-20NameJet
completewines.com2,250 USD2014-09-03Private
selectwine.com4,000 USD2014-05-07GoDaddy
finewineindex.com1,000 USD2014-01-26Afternic
wine.info13,600 USD2013-06-12NameJet
wineanswers.com891 USD2013-05-06NameJet

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