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MaineSwopper.com is For Sale

MaineSwopper.com was originally registered for the purpose of creating a free classifieds site targeting the State of Maine, USA. Development of the site has never been completed, due to time constraints and other ventures. MaineSwopper.com would be a great name for either a barter or classified advertising site, free or paid. MaineSwapper.com, the conventional spelling, is also available. Make an offer today on MaineSwopper.com.

Comparable Sales for MaineSwopper.com - Sales Data Provided by NameBio.com
freeclassified.com3,655 USD2015-01-28NameJet
eswapper.com$2,000 USD2009-02-10Afternic
hometownclassifieds.com$2,000 USD2008-09-02Afternic
barterdirect.com$2,744 USD2008-12-30Afternic
iowaclassifieds.com$2,088 USD2008-05-06Afternic
bartercentral.com$3,200 USD2008-04-29Afternic
barterexchanges.com2,300 USD2008-04-29Afternic

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