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It never ceases to amaze me how many domain owners don’t really own their domain names. You should always register and manage your own domain with an ICANN approved registrar, and not let your hosting company or web designer handle it. The username and password to access your account at the registrar should never be given to anyone else. The registrant contact information should always be your contact information. Not doing this would be analagous to having your financial planner open an account for you at the bank and putting his own information on the account. Any funds placed in that account would technically belong to the financial planner, and not to you. This is all the more important if you already have a successful business that depends on that domain name for customer access.

Yet so many web development companies routinely demand access to the domain account and even put their own contact information in the registrant area. It may be more convenient for them to have full access, but this give you absolutely no protection, say, if you ever wanted to change web developer or, say, sell your company including rights to the domain name. Worse yet, your web developer could simply dis-appear, and your only recourse might be to hire an attorney in an attempt to recover your domain name.